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Dear clients, our agency would like to offer you quality, discrete, fast and safe services aimed at dealing with problems, stress, uncertainty and hesitation in your personal or business life. We offer you our experience, responsibility, purposeful work and loyalty.

This is the basis on which services are provided to the client, who is person number 1 for us and whom we greatly appreciate. When any service is being provided, we always deal with the case individually with regard to the client's specific requirements and options. There is no client with whom we cannot come to an agreement, there is no client that is not satisfied. All cases we have concluded, from the viewpoint of the evidence obtained and other facts about the matters ascertained, can be used fully and in accordance with the law in any proceedings before Czech authorities and courts. These bodies always positively accept valuable evidence and at such moments the evidence we obtain can be crucial.

We believe you will place your trust in our agency's services and we will repay that trust 100%. The path to peace of mind and certainty is not always simple.

Libor Hruška