For natural persons

Ascertaining relations to other persons

  • Potential exposing of the cheating of your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, wife or husband. If you feel that your partner has changed his or her behavior, you have every right to know the truth. If you are not sure that your partner or a person you are going out with is not honest with you, you have also every right to know the truth. It's time to use the services of a detective!

Verifying income and wealth (property)

  • Maybe you are not sure that the person you just let into your life is not honest with you, or maybe your long-time partner has suddenly started to show little income. Basically your life standard got lower and we are here to clarify everything to you and set things straight.

Tracking and surveillance

  • Searching for missing persons
  • Searching for persons who are deliberately hiding from you
  • Searching for long lost friends, or friends who once stepped into your life and you would like to meet them again after so many years
  • Tracking persons, but also things you care about very much
  • Are you interested in your children's free time activities when you are not around them? By surveillance we can check what they are doing or are up to


  • We secure evidence material for judicial proceedings of any sort.