The initial and basic factor which determines the price for the required services is a client's requirement related to the specific activity. This must also come out of the effective result and clear prearranged price which can also be adjusted by a client. Our expenses are, therefore, clear and transparent. Due these reasons our detective office set clear criteria, so that the client doesn't have to worry about minor details during the final settlement.

Our detective office charges an hour rate from these reasons and it's the model which serves as initial. This hour rate includes indirect expenses of the detective office for the services conducted, which means usage of any vehicle, telecommunication means, parking fees, and such. Other expenses related to the services commissioned by the client are charged for executed or prearranged money figures which the client is informed about in advance and in due time. That includes expenses related to the authorities (bureaus, offices, and such), documentation fees, carriage and freight charges, and so on. Next the price is arranged in accordance with the conducted activity which includes its level of difficulty.

The actual financing of services by the client can also be divided in two basic levels. First is the aforementioned hour rate charge and final settlement. Second is the flat rate (lump sum) with the prearranged money figure which relates to the prearranged contracted service.

Price list

  • Fee for one private investigator
350 CZK/hour
  • Fee for the team of two detectives
350 CZK/hour
  • Consultation (unless it's a free consultation)
500 CZK
  • Special type of work at the PC (protection of data)
from 1 500 CZK/hour
  • Finding wiretaps (bugging)
from 500 CZK/m2
  • Media protection (without media)
from 2 000 CZK/hour
  • Other services
by mutual consent

Other services by mutual consent
  • Usage of a vehicle
8 CZK/km
  • Armed escort
700 CZK/hour
  • GPS rental (according to the agreed number of days)
from 300 CZK /day
  • Rental for hidden cameras and equipment (according to the agreed number of days)
From 1000 CZK/day/strong>
  • Other prices and services include the agreement with the client on a specific fee related to the requested activity.
  • Prices which were already agreed on with the client by contract and after mutual agreement.

Prices for GPS and GSM equipment rental
  • 1 day
700 CZK
  • 10 - 14 days
7,000 CZK
  • 15 - 25 days
10,000 CZK
  • 25 – 35 days
15,000 CZK

  • Hidden installation and dismantling
1,500 CZK
  • Installation and dismantling with the access
1,000 CZK
  • Price doesn't include travel expenses
8 CZK / km

Surveillance is unusual and specific activity and we have to include some factors first. Therefore, it's very difficult to execute such activity with the use of few detectives in the field. In order to fully execute this activity and to fully reach the desired result, our detective office has to deploy more detectives with the mobile stations to the target.

Prices not mentioned in the price list, which roughly include detective's activities (family trees, attendance at judicial proceedings, and such), are set in the contract and, therefore, charge a prearranged price for the detective's work.

After executing the commissioned service, the detective office hands over the final settlement to the client. This includes expenses related to the service with the detailed layout of every step (phase), rates and total money figues (sums). After the client's approval, he or she is given an invoice and money is transferred by the client to the bank account of the detective office.

Because of the service specificity, our detective office reserves the right for the client's inability to deal with the result of the commissioned service and the client must do so till the money is transferred to the bank account of the detective office. The report including the service's result can only serve for informational purposes.

During lengthy services, the client is informed in the agreed time about the current state of finances (expenses and such) and the client is also given a concurrent settlement.